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There are many reasons why online learning/training programs have become a popular form of delivering education and training. The online environment offers unparalleled opportunities for people who would otherwise have limited access to education and training, as well as a new paradigm for teachers and training instructors in which dynamic courses of the highest quality can be developed.

Education Partners is here to be your partner in ensuring that you deliver unhampered training, continuous teaching learning that is pedagogically adroit. 

e-Learning Pro

e-Learning Consultancy Service

e-Learning User Training Services

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Services to Get Your e-Learning Up & Running

e-Learning Pro

e-Learning Pro is an education solution targeting institutions of learning (schools/colleges) offered under Web Communities Pty Ltd

e-Learning Pro aims to:

  • Shorten the adoption timeframe for e-learning technologies for institutions of learning
  • Enable blended learning within institutions of learning. (Blended learning is the combination of traditional classroom teaching and e-learning)
  • Capacitate teachers, learners in the use of online technology for learning
  • Capacitate the institution of learning inline with the 4th Industrial revolution
  • Drastically reduce the cost of online/blended learning for schools/colleges
e-Learning Consultation Services

We offer consultancy services to any type of business, public / private organisation or education institution on the following:

  • Online Training and Development Programmes
  • Skills and academic programmes delivery & developement
  • e-Learning policy and rules analysis & development
  • e-Learning Systems training
  • e-Learning Project Management
  • General Online Education Advice
e-Learning User Training

We host a full range of user training for e-learning environments. Our training can be delivered face-to-face or online. Some of the training includes:

  • Basic Computer/Mobile e-Literacy: This is a baseline training which aims to empower the participant with digital literacy skills.
  • LMS End-User Training: This is training targeted at users of the e-learning/training platform. This can be staff members, teachers, learners etc…
  • Pedagogical Training: This is training that goes in depth ensuring participants are up to speed with the e-learning best practices.
e-Training & Development For Business

Does your Human Resources department want to  move your training to online? We are here to support and help you sustain that process at very low costs. We will provide, manage and maintain the training platform. We can also convert your current training into online mode through our highly qualified instructional designers and e-learning developers.

Learning management System Services

Learning Management System (LMS) is the software that we use to host the courses, training programme or academic programme. With regard to the LMS we offer a number of value added services which include:

  • LMS Installation & Configuration
  • LMS Hosting
  • LMS Maintenance
  • LMS Administration
  • LMS Back-Up and Storage
Instructional Design (e-learning development)

We host e-learning specialists (instructional designers, e-learning developers, curriculum developers, educational technologists etc..) ready to conevert your courses, syllabus, academic programme, workshop or training to an e-learning mode of delivery. Contact us for a consultation.

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